Performers: Rashko Mladenov
a performance by Rashko Mladenov
This performance is realized with the invaluable help of Nikolay Gunderov.
To his friends he is known as Rashko, to his enemies - I don't know and I don't care how he is known. With "To the Last Spirit" he will lead you on an extraordinary journey, comparable to "1001 Nights" and the wildest fantasies of Jules Verne. With the important clarification that, unlike the listed classics, his journey really took place. And it doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. In this journey of a lifetime, our brave Nemo – or Maruf, if you prefer – will take you to the most unusual corners of the planet (from Konyovitsa all the way to the mouth of the Niger River); he will fight with you and for you with monsters more terrible than those of the sea, for there are no monsters more terrible than men; will invite you to a soccer game in the jungle and an ocean adventure; it will even teach you how to go to the toilet with a harp. Some of these stories I have known since childhood, others I’ve learned more recently, and today I can only envy those who will hear them for the first time.
Welcome to the world of the musician, the actor, the taxi driver, the teacher, the cigarette seller, the director and the minister – Rashko Mladenov.
Welcome. And bless you.
Dimitar Stoyanovich

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