The White Rat

by Maria Irene Fornes

The White Rat
by Maria Irene Fornes
Translation: Slava Yanakieva, Anna Yanakieva
Composer: Mira Iskurova
Director: Anna Yanakieva
Set and costumes: Martina Mahmudieva
Calisthenics: Ivet Lazatova - Torosyan
Photographer: Boqn Alexiev
Performers: Tigran Torosyan, Martin Petkov
Translated by Anna Yanakieva and Slava Yanakiev
Director Anna Yanakieva
Set design and costumes by Martina Mahmudieva
Composer Mira Iskarova
plastic:  Yvette Lazarova - Torosyan
Actors: Martin Petkov and Tigran Torosyan participate
Premiere 23 and 26 March
For the first time in Bulgaria the famous play of contemporary American playwright Maria Irene Fornes is being staged. You will find yourself in a world far from the ordinary one that will make you laugh and puzzle at the same time. You will witness the intense coexistence of two absurd characters. Their exhausting and at the same time ironic race for dominance is saturated with attraction and hostility, and this confrontation constantly loses its shape in the absence of a secure identity.
The White Rat is a theatrical diptych in which the actors are given the opportunity to interpret the two dramatic roles in a unique way, placing themselves in the position of both characters.

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