The Shakespeare Worshop

liders Daniela Varon  and Walton Wilson 
PERIOD 14 - 20 february 2013 г

Daniela Varon is a stage director and Master Text Teacher with Shakespeare & Company.  She directs Shakespeare, modern plays and new works at theaters across America, and has been a visiting professor and guest artist at several of the country's leading universities and actor training programs.  
Walton Wilson is an actor and Master Linklater Voice Teacher with Shakespeare & Company, and Head of Voice and Associate Chair of Acting at the Yale University School of Drama.  He has acted and taught at theaters, universities and training programs around the country.
Shakespeare & Company, founded in 1978, is one of America's leading Shakespeare festivals and theater training centers.This workshop is an introduction to the company’s training methods and aesthetic and a rigorous immersion in a new relationship with Shakespeare’s text.  It is also a joint exploration of the function of the theater, the role of the actor, and the actor-audience relationship both in Shakespeare’s world and in our own.  
Participants: Elena Dimitrova, Margita Gosheva, Anna Valcheva, Nadia Stefanova, Gergana Galabova, Irina Andreeva,  Georgi Gozzin, Adrian Filipov, 
Srebrina Georgieva, Vassilena Getskova - actors

and students from National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts:  
Christiana Tsenkova,  Svetla Rangelova - 4th Course, Class Prof. Ivaylo Hristov
Vessela Petrova, Neda Spasova, Boris Kashev, Boryana Bratoeva, Augustina-Kalina Petkova, Sotir Melev, Stoil Stoyanov, Violeta Popova, Stanislav Kertikov
- 3rd Course Class Prof. Margarita Mladenova

Join two artists and master teachers from Shakespeare & Company of Lenox, Massachusetts,  for a week-long workshop designed to help actors explore a passionate, imaginative, embodied relationship with Shakespeare, his characters, and his world.  We will combine group exercises and discussions with extensive individual monologue work in a Master Class format, working together to increase the actor’s emotional, imaginative and intellectual responsiveness to the demands and joys of playing Shakespeare.  For the monologues, actors may work in Bulgarian or with the original English text, if their proficiency allows, or both.  Work will include text analysis, examining Shakespeare's use of language and rhetoric; personalization and characterization, finding each actor’s profoundly individual connection to these roles that are a part of our universal theatrical consciousness and heritage; an exploration of the Elizabethan World Picture, the philosophical, political, theological and sociological environment that informs the plays; and Linklater voice training, which is fundamental to Shakespeare & Company's work.