Consultant: prof. Margarita Mladenova, prof. Ivan Dobchev
Photographer: Keti Raikova
Performers: Cvetelina Vuteva, Antonia Antonova
poetry event of Antonia Antonova and Tsvetelina Vateva

Consultant: Prof. Margarita Mladenova, Prof. Ivan Dobchev
Photographer: Keti Raykova
Actors: Tsvetelina Vateva, Antonia Antonova
Can anyone write poems on the Internet? What is the formula for success in the digital age?
How do we get the man in the family to take everybody to the spa?

These and a bunch of other important questions will be answered by the top influencers from
the popular graphomania and hack page "Viral poems about sex and drama", Antonia
Antonova and Tsvetelina Vateva.

Come to the stage of Sfumato to witness and participate in the poetic action of the two poets
who will take you along the long railway tracks of life with some of their most intimate
works. Going beyond the inflated influencer status, Antonia Antonova and Tsvetelina Vateva
take their hearts out and throw them on stage. To be trampled upon… or pardoned.

Kafka says that life is like a tunnel in which the only light is behind us. Everything that lies
ahead is shrouded in obscurity. Go with Antonia and Tsvetelina on a journey through the fears
of childhood, through the pain of youth, through the villages of Kunino and Bela Rechka,

through the Varna and Svoge railway stations, through the dark Sofia parks, the paths of
Vitosha and the final touches of old age with its past future. A journey that will depart from
the snobbery and neurosis of the modern world and will lead you to those worlds where the
poetry and the free spirit live.

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24 , 19.00 (Chamber hall)
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14 , 21.00 (Chamber hall)
02 / 943 38 90
14.00 - 19.00 ч.
почивен ден - неделя
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