REALLY - Theatre of magic without words

DispensaBarzotti REALLY

REALLY - Theatre of magic without words
DispensaBarzotti REALLY
Director: Alesandra Ventrela
Scenography: Roko Manfredi
Photographer: Kiara Ernandes
Cast: Franchesko Napoli, Roko Manfredi
The performance explores the mechanisms of magic in theatre: the illusion and enchantment, the miracle and deception, the dance and cirques.
On the stage there is a young man that studies and shows us his thoughts on the universe. He is both there and is not. In his littleness, he loses himself and wanders - like a spaceman, like a traveler, like a sailor, like a sleepwalker, like anyone who doesn't know exactly where to go, but walks.
The “double” space is composed by a few duplicated elements.  The scene reproduces itself in a miniature – a space within the space. Small disappearances of reality occur from this accurate magic. Darkness is an essential part of this scene of apparitions and disappearances. The objects are moving by themselves. The objects are transfigured.  While the spectator gazes upon images of silent illusion.
After the “dancer” degree at School Paolo Grassi in Milan, he worked like dancer and performer in important international festivals : Torinodanza, Biennaledanza, Short Theater, Vetrina XL Giovane Danza d'Autore, Drodesera Festival, Danae Festival. He worked also in artistic and fashion events like Fault Lines, artistic retrospective of Allora/Calzadilla promoted by Nicola Trussardi Fondation; Bordeline project by Virginia Furstenberg and Dancecross for fashion art and design by Antonio Marras. In 2016 he is selected for the XXVI edition of Ecole des Maitres conducted by the belgian collective “Transquinquennal”.
After the "drama" degree at the School Paolo Grassi in Milan, she worked like assistant director for the show “Il maestro di Vigevano” by Emilio Russo; “Anne Sexton project” , a trilogy by Milena Costanzo; "Ce ne andiamo per non darvi altre preoccupazioni” by Deflorian/Tagliarini; “Aida” by Igor Esposito. She attended the acting course by Milena Costanzo at the PimOff Theatre in Milan and she frequented the dance and research lab “Artichoke”. In the spring of 2014 she founded the company DispensaBarzotti. In 2016 she is selected as director for the professional master organized by Teatro Due in Parma. In 2018 she frequented the advanced stage “Ecriture magique” at CNAC-Centre National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne.
After the "drama" degree at the School Paolo Grassi in Milan, he studied with Familie Flöz and the contemporary puppets company Riserva Canini. He attends the master for actors “Maestrale” and he studied with D.Donnellan e N.Ormerod, J.J.Lemetre (Théâtre du Soleil), Piccola Compagnia della Magnolia, Pan Théâtre, Oskaras Korsunovas and Gabriele Vacis.
As actor he worked with Beatrice Baruffini, Teatro del Cerchio, Cal.Arts- California Institute of Arts, Compagnie Clandestine, Théâtre de Cuisine, Teatro Regio in Parma and Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Thanks to the collaboration with the festival “Tutti Matti per Colorno” he feeds the interest for contemporary circus. He founded the company DispensaBarzotti in 2014 with Alessandra Ventrella.

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