Programme "Noah's Ark" Crazy Grass

after texts by Yordan Radichkov

Programme "Noah's Ark" Crazy Grass
after texts by Yordan Radichkov
90 min
Stage adaptation: Margarita Mladenova
Director: Margarita Mladenova
Scenography: Mihaela Dobreva, Boris Dalchev
Music: Hristo Namliev
Consultant: prof. Cocho Boyadzhiev, prof. Georgi Kapriev
Photographer: Yana Lozeva
Performers: Albena Georgieva, Zhana Rasheva, Galya Kostadinova, Katalin Starejshinska, Nadya Keranova, Bilyana Georgieva, Antonio Dimitrievski, Ivan Nikolov, Dimitur Krumov, Rumen Draganov, Georgi A. Bogdanov
Quō vādis, Homo?

"Crazy Grass" is a theatrical saga for a handful of people from a village intended to become the bottom of a dam.
For their ultimate attempt to prevent civilized barbarism, to stop the destruction.
Runs their last day-night before the water comes. As in a dream awake, they serve - for the last time - the small rituals of their everyday life; re-expressing anxiously their thoughts and questions; together dead and alive gather the "crumbs of life" and fill the hold of their Noah's Ark. They store memory against forgetfulness.
In the last morning, the last Calimanians load on the homemade boat their little relics, the obituaries of their dead and set off "on the green water, over the green memory" ... where?
"Whether we go to enter to the human throng, or are we going to surrender?"
No answer.

Margarita Mladenova


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