Programme Dostoevsky "Chasing the Demons" Idiot

Programme Dostoevsky "Chasing the Demons" Idiot
110 min
Stage version and staging: Margarita Mladenova
Set and costumes: Boris Dalchev, Mihaela Dobreva
Music: Asen Avramov
Photographer: Yana Lozeva
Performers: Albena Georgieva, Byurhan Kerim, Georgi A. Bogdanov, Rumen Draganov, Vittoria Nikolova, Dimitur Iliev, Alexandar Tonev, Georgi Sirkatov, Radina Kardzilova, Deqn Jekov

"Why did you come to interfere with us?”... What is to blame the weak soul that it is not in her power to hold so scary gifts? ... Go away and never come again!

So the Grand Inquisitor chased Christ who has descended among humans in the poem of Ivan Karamazov - Dostoevsky's disturbing warning of what is already happening to man today.

We live just in this world of ready answers without questions, of "better enslave us, but feed us", of "freedom and bread are inconceivable together," of hate instead of love, rage instead spirit, "give" rather than "take", I instead of you, strike instead of pardon, "just live" instead of "what to live for", of fierceness instead of suffering, destruction instead of creation.

On measures of the "Euclidean" mind, the idea in a world without a god, in which everything is allowed to the presuming man - to occur Knyaz Mishkin - is utopia, moreover, pure idiocy. The foolish gesture of compassion as "the only Genesis law of mankind" is doomed to failure, denied, ridiculed, and declared stupid, absurd. And just this great weakness of the failed single person sole may generate, awake a compassionate love for his neighbor as salvation and sense, as a spiritual insight how man to remain human. Compassion - the last human action against destruction.
The effort of the theatre to get there, in the truths of this order - is a risky effort. In fact, I do not know if such an undertaking is just theatre. But I suppose and believe that the spiritual and the artistic have a common nature and a similar purpose.

If it is true that the creation is incomplete and man is destined to finish it - then Georgian philosopher M. Mamardashvili is right to call the artistic people "idiots of the sublime".

Margarita Mladenova


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