Lonely Characters

by Vasil Duev

Lonely Characters
by Vasil Duev
70 min
Copyright show: Vasil Duev
Performers: Vasilena Geckova, Vesela Babinova, Vasil Duev, Petko Venelinov, Ivajlo Dragiev, Ivan Nikolov
Author's performance of Vasil Duev
Actors: Vasilena Getskova, Vesela Babinova, Vasil Duev, Petko Venelinov, Ivaylo Dragiev, Ivan Nikolov
the anxiety of time ... destined to work with the accumulated in previous centuries ... without guarantee that you will go beyond your ancestors .... you are simultaneously (with) all and (with) no one ... when you are loneliness is catching up with you again ... you seek salvation through books ... movies ... music ... someone of the opposite sex ... you want not to anticipate the lives of the dead ... not to repeat their words ... to I am a creator ... to escape from the context of the generation ... to confront the children of Marx and Coca-Cola ... who created you ... to break with the place ... and not in the desire to be a pie of the foreign ... you are breaking borders ... of countries ... genres ... plots ... phrases ... remaking words ... gluing old words to words from the street ... looking for forms ... you tremble like Tremble ... tremble ... before your own fictions ... whether you are the creator of your works or are they creators ... and they created you ... you do not know ... how much you are progressing ... how much you are achieving. .. have you clung enough to the words ... and is there an answer ... am I ... only in art ... or there ... am alone ... and not
Vasil Duev
Nominations and awards:
A'ASKEER 2013 - A rising star category for Vasil Duev
"IKAR 2013" - Debut category for Author and director for Vasil Duev
"Stoyan Kambarev Art Flight Award 2013" for Vasil Duev
"SFUMATO - NEW NAMES 2012" for the play "SFUMATO - NEW NAMES 2012" for Hristo Ushev
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