Everything on the Table

by Charles Bukowski

Everything on the Table
by Charles Bukowski
90 min
Performers: Vasil Duev-Tajg
Vassil Duev's one-man show
Stage adaptation and production: Ana Bateva
Composer: Stefan Zdraveski

Henry Chinaski, Charles Bukowski's alter ego hero, is still young, having just stepped into real life before beginning his march through all of his author's novels. He confronts us on stage to mock his savage sense of humor, overcoming the memories of his troubled childhood caused by his father. Through the mask of his irony and cynicism, Henry resists the oppressing world in which he, from a young age, had to cope with himself ... creative impulses, dreams of a bigger life, fighting a system that constantly tries to suck us ... from his father. Without saving any of what he feels and thinks.
***** Nomination Icarus 2017 for Starring ***
**** Award for Best Performance at "BALKAN THEATER TIRANA FEST" in Albania ****
**** Award for Stage Experiment and Innovation at the ACTOR OF EUROPE International Festival in Resen, Macedonia ****
**** Award for Best Performance at the MONOACT International Monodrama Festival in Pecs, Kosovo ****
**** Premiere of the 2016 International Monodrama Festival in Bitola, Macedonia ****
**** In 2017, the show was invited to four more festivals in Russia, Mongolia, Turkey and Serbia. ****
Performance page:
I received the book, Everything on the Table, from my sister for Christmas 5 years ago. She had written to me on the first page: "May this reading help you develop as an independent and informed journalist."
Drawing the line for the past 5 years, this reading has influenced, above all, my development of a man whose library is cluttered with books by Bukovsky, searching for things in the world called by their real names - in ways that are sometimes outrageous to some, for me it is absolutely accurate and comprehensive.
In Vasil Duev's one-man show "Everything on the Table", you will meet a Chinansky, who is opposed to the limits in which the first breath of air in this world sends us. With a genuine irony, he ridicules everything that every teenager faces - sex, alcohol, work, unfulfilled desires, dreams of a larger life. And somewhere along this difficult and contradictory path, Chinansky still finds the meaning of existence in his greatest love - writing.
I am sure that every fan of Bukovski will receive a gift for his soul to warm him on his way home on the winter night of the next production.

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