by Nick Payne

by Nick Payne
Production: Jordan Slavejkov
Set and costumes: Yuliana Vojkova-Najman
Music: Kalin Nikolov
Calisthenics: Ana Miteva
Translation: Vasil Mihajlov, Lina Cvetanova
Performers: Nevena Nikolova, Vasil A. Mihajlov
Director: Jordan Slaveikov
Set design and costumes: Juliana Voykova-Nyman
Music: Kalin Nikolov
Plastic: Anna Miteva
Translation: Vasil Mikhailov, Lina Tsvetanova
Actors: Nevena Nikolova, Vasil A. Mihailov
They meet for the first time many times. And they go out for the first time many times. They are Marian (an astrophysicist studying parallel universes) and Roland (an ordinary beekeeper). They have nothing to do with each other. Except Love. Of the one that happens once in a lifetime. And that inhabits all their possible lives ...
The constellation plays the 2012 Evening Standard Theater Award for Best Playwriting

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