Music: Asen Avramov
Scenography: Ivan Dobchev
Assistant Director: Stilian Petrov, Dimitur Sardzhev
Photographer: prof. Cocho Boyadzhiev
Performers: Aleks Ivanov, Angela Kaneva, Blagovest Micev, Boyan Feradzhiev, Valeria Vurbanova, Deniza Pavlova, Dimitur Vasilev, Elena Trayanova, Ilian Nomov, Kristian Stoichkov, Manuela Minkova, Marin Djishev, Martin Prodanov, Nikolaj Ganchev, Yana Zajkova, Boris Vurbanov, Kusin Vang, Ilian Nonov, Rafael Bizhev, Vesela Manolova
naive dreams about human life between heaven and earth, dreamer Ivan Dobchev

Music: Assen Avramov
Scenography: Ivan Dobchev
Assistant director: Stiliyan Petrov, Dimitar Sardzhev
Photographer: Prof. Tsocho Boyadzhiev
Actors: Alex Ivanov, Angela Kaneva, Blagovest Mitsev, Boyan Feradzhiev, Valeria
Varbanova, Denisa Pavlova, Dimitar Vasilev, Elena Trayanova, Iliyan Nomov, Karina Ilieva,
Kristiyan Stoichkov, Manuela Minkova, Marin Dzhishev, Martin Prodanov, Nikolay
Ganchev, Yana Zaikova, Boris Varbanov, Kasin Wang, Iliyan Nonov, Rafael Bizhev

These texts, which I have studied over the years and which have inevitably brought me back
to my childhood, fueled my imagination and childlike curiosity for the beyond, for that thing
which, according to Radichkov, "sees us in fullness, and we only see its eye".
My re-return to the Bulgarian Apocrypha was provoked by the plague/pandemic that has
befallen us, which has its analogues in Old Testament folklore. It has always been a test of the
human - human faith, human will and human dignity. In addition to being a director/dreamer,
in this performance I am also in the role of the pedagogue who "introduces" the young
actors/students to the universal battle of the Good and the Evil, to the desires of a bright
Paradise, which can easily be confused with the images of Hell and led astray by the hellish
designs of the "new messiahs" to fall into the trap of promises of carnal bliss. Because the
situation is truly apocalyptic. As one of the women in our show claims:
...Don't you see - there is no longer that "shamnik", that red part of the flower in the middle.
The shame is over. And when the shame is over, it's time for the world to come to an end... If
there is shame, there is also a world. If there is no shame – it means that the world is already
Ivan Dobchev

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