Actors vs. Poets

Actors vs. Poets
Leading: Lilia Geleva
Leader:  Lilia Geleva
6 actors and 6 poets (different for every new representation) will show the resemblances and the differences between author’s reading and actor’s interpretation of poetry. The audience will decide the issue of this verbal rough-and-tumble.

Some of the cast of Actors vs. Poets are:
Actors: Ivan Stanchev, Nadia Keranova, Tsvetelina Atanasova, Augustine-Kalina Petkova, Rumen Mihaylov, Zhivko Simeonov, Peter Petrov, Stanislav Kertikov, Tsvetelina Atanasova, Aneta Ivanova, Vladinella Katsarska, Vladislav Stoimenov.
Poets: Bilyana Dimova, Stefan Ever, Gabriela Manova, Nikola Petrov, Teodora Toteva, Stefan Ivanov, Alexander Baitoshev, Violeta Kuneva, Lilia Trifonova, Martin K. Iliev, Anna Lazarova, Li Yana (Liana Ivanova), Vasil Praskov, Alexander Ivan Dimitrov.
"Actors vs. Poets" is a deadly battle in which dozens of differences between the author's poetry reading and her acting performance as a monologue are made clear. The audience decides the outcome of a kind of verbal struggle. The host is Lilia Geleva. Leaves of poems are left for the viewers. They are not the participating poets, they can be both Bulgarian and foreign. At the beginning, Lilia Geleva enters the role of an entertainer. Her introductory words, the presentation of poets and actors and everything else she utters are sung. The literary skirmish takes place in three different circles. After the end of the rounds and direct matches, the audience is given the opportunity to vote for the winner. Every time everything is different.

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24 October, 19.00 (Main hall)
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