tango-dance performance which is created, choreographed and performed by LAOKOONTANGO

Concept: Ivaylo Alexandroff
Choreography: Ivaylo Alexandroff, Gabriela Pancheva
Musical environment: Ivaylo Alexandroff
Performers: Ivaylo Alexandroff, Gabriela Pancheva
“TANGOMACHINE” is a tango-dance performance which is created, choreographed and performed by LAOKOONTANGO (Ivaylo Alexandroff and Gabriela Pancheva) and is built up entirely on the aesthetics of Argentine Tango and the digital environment. The performance investigates the delicate connection between the classical elegance of Tango de Salon and the creative impressiveness of Tango Nuevo and experiments radically with the endless possibilities of Tango as a dance and the absolute limitlessness of visual form, being deeply inspired by the words of the great tango composer Osvaldo Pugliese: “Nosotros somos un poroto de la máquina tanguera. Un tornillo de esta máquina, nada más.” (Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, 26/12/1985).

1. Strange Galaxy: Beginning (video), La Extraña Galaxia (choreography)
2. Tango Hug (video), Abrazo de Tango (choreography) 
3. Tango Secret (video), Secreto de Tango (vals/choreography) 
4. Tango Passion (video), Pasión de Tango (choreography)
5. Tango Mystery (video), Misterio de Tango (choreography)
6. Tango Religion (video), Religión de Tango (milonga/choreography)
7. Tango Oblivion (video), Olvido de Tango (choreography)
8. Tango Parfume (video), Perfume de Tango (choreography)
9. Tango Sensation (video), Sensación de Tango (choreography)
10. Tango Machine (Intro: La Maquina Tanguera), La Maquina Tanguera (choreography)
11. Gran Final: TANGOMACHINE by LAOKOONTANGO (video)
The word “conspiracy” comes from the latin “conspirare”, which literary means “breathe together” or “to act in harmony” - conspiro, conspirare, conspiravi, conspiratus: sound/act in unison/harmony/accord/blow together, Oxford Latin Dictionary, 1982 (OLD) - http://www.latin-dictionary.net/definition/13479/conspiro-conspirare-conspiravi-conspiratus; “to act in harmony toward a common end”, “to act together”, “Conspire.”: The Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster Inc., https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/conspire.
Into the modern world the term “conspiracy” is burdened with a negative conotation! With conviction we accept the original antique meaning, uncompromisingly consecrated to the TANGOMACHINE conspiracy!

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